Engagement Process

Digging deep

Design for people

This is a formal process that is relatively new to Ireland. it is about talking to your stakeholders in a free and open manner. Using open question in a forum that is conducive to throwing away the restrictions of formality, while creating a sense of fun.

It also recognises that people/stakeholders never interact with their service provider on a data led basis, it is a substantially an emotionally led interaction and this process acknowledges this.


  • Street conversations
  • Scheduled conversations
  • Scheduled public conversations
  • User journey-contact points
  • Process design

I emphasise conversations here rather than the formal consultation processes we see, where the outcomes are as near to prescribed as is possible without writing the report in advance.

The methods outlined above start from a ‘Brief’ outlining the ‘Why’ of the process (Why you are carrying out the process).

They continue through the

  • Design stage
  • Implementation
  • Distillation
  • Report

I can also help you plan a meeting so as to ensure the ‘Blame Game’ is omitted.

The outcomes of this process are very revealing, because it is a process capturing emotional response, much deeper than traditional research.


“The majority of the world’s designers focus all their efforts on developing products and services exclusively for the richest 10% of the world’s customers. Nothing less than a revolution in design is needed to reach the other 90%”

—Dr. Paul Polak

Dear John,

On behalf of Dublin City Council, we would like to thank you for playing such a key role in the Docklands Conference. Most importantly, we would like to acknowledge and express our appreciation for your generosity of spirit in sharing your time, knowledge and thoughts in your area of expertise.

We greatly appreciate your involvement and hope that we can build on this type of collaboration throughout the regeneration of Docklands.

John O’Hara & Vivienne Byrne-planning dept

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