About Me

John Conroy


  • BA Hons in local government management,
  • Licentiate in Drama from the Leinster School of Music, validated by the University of Ulster.
  • Certificate in ‘Local History’
  • certificate in ‘Oral history’
  • Statement of accomplishment from ‘University of Virginia’ 2014 (Design thinking for Innovative Problem solving)
  • Many years of working in professional theater, particularly in Dublin.
  • Many years experience of teaching drama and public speaking to students of all ages.
  • Worked in radio for 20 years as presenter and producer.
  • Appointed a Peace commissioner in 2010.
  • A member of Toastmasters and recently achieved the award of ‘Competent communicator’ (CC)

I worked as a team member of ‘Designing Dublin’, a multidisciplinary learning collaboration between Dublin City Council and Design 21st Century.

My work at ‘Designing Dublin’ mixed my interest in community engagement with  design skills to create a range of prototype site-specific installations and spaces.

As part of this work I  increased my research skills and used them effectively to enrich my work.

I continued this work as a team member of the studio in DCC until March 2013.

As part of my work with the studio i published a book titled-On Street Conversation Toolkit which is available  on-line and in hard copy.  http://opendooracademy.org/book/OnstreetConversationsToolkit.pdf

John Conroy

“John is a breath of fresh air”-John Tierney- City Manager.


  • Engagement process
  • Theatre
  • Acting,
  • Directing
  • Public speaking
  • Script writing, including play development through improv
  • Children’s stories.
  • Radio presentation and production
  • Occasional facilitator of meetings and identifying issues.

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